2021.04.02 – 8. A present from Earth

When Jinkpee asked me “would you like to meet the first chair of all of Rkpoed, Lpp. Tpjjijop?”, he added right away that I should prepare a memorable gift for the Highest Chair Tepjijop.

In the following days he returned twice to remind me that I should now prepare a suitable gift. This appeared to be a very important gesture. Gift offering is apparently very important in Rkpoed society; I had not seen as much similar graciousness in the Earth environments that I have visited – other than in Latin America.

But by and by I understood why this gift was so important.

It turned out that I was invited as an “Independent Observer” to an important meeting. Some high-standing members on assignments from Anglo-Saxon countries would also be present. On the agenda was a request from the Anglo-Saxon contingent to establish a further step-up in official or semi-official diplomatic relations between Rkpoed and Earth. That was why I had to be there in person, and I could not just send my double instead.

In view of this potential diplomatic development, I thought for a long time about what I could offer to Lpp. Tpjjijop.

It had to be modest, since I arrived as a private citizen from Earth. Also it had to fit into a two-seater levitation capsule, since we would again take off from our back yard.

In the end, this is what I offered.


The first gift was “the Hands of the Creation of Adam”, projected onto two blue representations of Earth's hemispheres1. The projections were chosen in such a way that all five continents could be envisioned as best as possible.

Illustration 1: Michelangelo, the Creation of Adam, Wikipedia


The gift was to be accompanied by a short commentary:

“The Creation of Adam is a fresco painting by the well-known Italian artist Michelangelo, which forms part of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. It is located in the Vatican Palace in Rome. It was painted from 1508 – 1512. It gives an image of how Adam, the first man, was created by God. Notice that Adam is depicted as hesitant, even reluctant, at being called into life. The near-touching hands of God and Adam have become iconic in humanity.”

The second gift was a small cut-open crystal.
This was a small memento of the rich interior of our Earth.


The second gift was a small cut-open crystal, which is a small memento of the rich interior of our Earth.

The second trip unrolled as smoothly as the first one, except that it had been changed to a few days later. Instead of leaving on December 7, I left early morning of Thursday December 10, and I was back the following Tuesday afternoon on December 15, 2020.

My wife had made a modest small identification tag for the small bag that I took with me. The important notice was that I was an "Independent Observer", i.e. someone that could observe the diplomatic exchanges and report on them afterwards. That was why I was there.

There was just one key difference: my Higher Self confirmed that on Thursday morning when I awoke, I was now my own “double”. I asked my wife to confirm this with muscle testing2 on the outstretched arm. A bit to our surprise we both found that I was now experiencing life totally normally, but as my own double. Six days later, I was supposed to have returned into my original status, according to my Higher Self. And we again tested it with muscle testing, and yes, I had returned into my original self.

IndependentObserverMy wife and I both shrugged and chuckled about it, and that was about that!

During the meeting I again received ongoing reports of events on Rkpoed.

The first day was devoted to sight-seeing. We were shown a very large quarry with incredible colours. I actually saw that in a tremendously vibrant vision I had in a dream on Saturday morning. The quarry was very high, about 4 metres high in front, and as wide as I could see. All around were stones that reflected different colours. I remember strong blues and wine reds, interspersed with gleaming yellow stones. They had artificially illuminated the colours with accentuated lighting.

The second day was the official opening. The reception of our gifts went truly well.

My presentation was a bit different from other gift ceremonies.

In addition to showing the above elements I also gave them a quick view if the entire Sistine Chapel, and I told them about an anecdote from a contemporary that went like this: an older and reputed Italian architect Donato Bramante, who was working on another building in the St. Peter's Basilica at the same time, resented Michelangelo's huge commission for these ostentatious paintings. He convinced the Pope to give Michelangelo a commission in the painting on the fresco medium with which he was unfamiliar. This was done so that Michelangelo might fail at the task. Obviously the ploy did not succeed and the masterpiece was completed to everyone's satisfaction.

This sent a nice chuckle around the audience.

I was supposed to be granted 20 minutes alone with Lpp. Tpjjijop. Instead, our private meeting took nearly an hour. I found Lpp. Tpjjijop very straightforward and deeply impressive. He showed an excellent understanding of our complex situation on our Earth. Obviously I cannot divulge our conversations about current affairs, but I came away with the sense that Rkpoed was in truly excellent hands with Lpp. Tpjjijop at its head.

I would compare the political and military conditions in Rkpoed to the conditions I had myself experienced in Switzerland in the 1950s and 1960s. My father was in part-time military service at regular moments every year (for two weeks every year in the case of my father). These part-military conceptual structures project unto the entire rest of the population. Everything appears under excellent control, well organized, and well structured.

In the case of Rkpoed I perceive a similar clearly organized societal structure that would appear to some people a bit too rigidly controlled and too much supervised, yet that seem totally normal to others.

The rest of the conference went on correctly, but uneventfully. All positions were reiterated as described above, and no fundamental diplomatic progress was made.

Long-term perspectives remain excellent, but we shall see how much our collective consciousness will evolve on Earth during the next decades. On Rkpoed I perceive a stable evolutionary situation, so that inter-planetary conditions remain quite promising and constant.

1 The earth rotations were found on https://www.jasondavies.com/

2 Muscle testing, https://twelfthlevel.info/index.php/en/guide-to-ascension-4th-edition/guide-to-ascension-4th-edition-5-3-muscle-testing