2021.03.30 – 7. Reflections and a second trip

Rkpoedians tend to think of their own future in terms of decades and centuries. We on Earth tend to think in more immediate time frames, in weeks, months, or perhaps in years. This is also typical of conversations in diplomatic circles.

While Earth – Rkpoed diplomacy is stagnant and “seems to go nowhere” according to some accounts, Rkpoed estimates that new interplanetary rapprochements may possibly manifest during the next decades, such as in the 2030s – 2040s time frame. If we miss that loophole, suitable opportunities may exist in the next centuries, in the 2100s and beyond. All depends on prevailing developments in our collective consciousness.

Could we even split off into a multi-dimensional reality? Could one part of human consciousness become open to a commitment to worldwide and galactic peaceful coexistence, while the other part continues to cling to existing habits of world governance?

I have posed this question to my double, and a surprisingly positive answer keeps coming back. As apparently inconceivable this may sound to a 3D mind, Rkpoed conceptions of a multi-dimensional split-up along 4-, 5- and higher domains is definitely possible. In one potential future of Rkpoed – Earth relations, one part of Earth might wish to continue in its present model, while another part may wish to experience a galactically compatible dimension.

One might also turn back to our discussion of “Australia – a 250-year long hypothesis” in our Ascension articles1. It took much time – 250 years – till it was evident that Australia was recognized as a continent in Europe. So worldwide peace may take many more years to arrive here than some of us may wish.

But if enough people get fed up with wars and wish to establish a fair representation of all humans of mankind, you and I may witness the establishment of regular diplomatic relations with Rkpoed more rapidly. And who knows, this may only be possible if our governments definitely renounce wars and arrive there along a high-dimensional path.

Let us return to recent events.

At the end of September 2020 Jinkpee contacted me again. This time he asked me, “do you want to go to Rkpoed yourself?”

My double went on the first trip, and I took a few months to get used to this idea. I trusted my own double to behave correctly, even though he was millions and trillions of kilometres away. But this was a totally different proposal. On this trip they promised to replace my earth personality with a double for some days, and to let me go to Rkpoed myself.

This was like an augmenting scale: “good”, “better”, “best”. The first trip was “good”, and this was definitely “better”. On top of that, Jinkpee added this: “would you like to meet the first chair of all of Rkpoed, Lpp. Tpjjijop?”

My eyes opened wide.

“Lpp.” is an abbreviation for “Lpljjijijkhk” and it means “top level”. We can pronounce it as /lip/ in the abbreviated form, but in formal address we should think of something like “Top Level”. His full name is Lpp. Tpjjijop /lip təpjíjop/, or “Highest Chair Tepjijop”. This represents the top political and military commander of an entire planet of 4.6 billion people. This planet has never been subjugated in 18 thousand years, and it has lived in peace for 470 years.

I wondered, who is in effect the chairman of Rkpoed?

And I was also curious about how their entire planet is governed. In our own history we have seen many forms of absolute monarchy, shared monarchy, shared directorates and absolute anarchies. All have come, and many have gone again. How could they be doing so well? While we on Earth are so conflict-ridden?

I decided to use this meeting to pose some key questions to Lpp. Tpjjijop.

Jinkpee had not doubted that I would accept the invitation, since it only involved a short week's absence from home. Furthermore I would be “seamlessly replaced by my double for a week” Jinkpee said.

So he chimed in again and upped the ante. “It will be a formal ceremony. You must prepare a present for this event. The event is foreseen for the week of December 7 to 14, 2020.”