2021.03.22 – 6. Expatriate life on Rkpoed

My “Me-on-Earth” agreed readily with the Rkpoed plan. I gave him my OK, and in mid-June of 2020, just a few days after his arrival, he began his training.

At first he concentrated on music, because the diplomacy course had to be accepted by the higher approval levels. But on August 4, I got a message that he had been approved as an interplanetary apprentice diplomat.

Then I heard very little from my double during the next month and a half.

Apparently he had been assigned a nice apartment in the neighbourhood where all the embassies and legations were located.

Social life appears to be limited in Rkpoed, because everyone is so fully occupied. So my double was busy with diplomacy training in the morning, and in the afternoon he was in intensive training in composition.

By the evening he was so beat that he usually dozed off in the early evening hours. Obviously the night is very short in Rkpoed, so we earthlings take several months to get adjusted to the accelerated time schedule.

Both the equipment and the teaching methods are oriented to high efficiency. He was impressed by his Rkpoed colleagues. They were very quick to figure out “optimal solutions” in complex diplomacy simulations. But slowly he also got the hang of their methodology and he caught up with time.

The same was true of his telepathy training. Initially he had relied on his reliable pendulum indicators to get solid evidence. Slowly he improved his speed by questioning and verifying his inner self and by improving his readings of circumstantial evidence. All is a matter of training and the building of confidence.

The first diplomacy level proved to be easy. On August 23, he had already completed level 1 which comprised sections on the mapping of the known universe, the history of Pleiades and its relations with Earth and the solar system, as well as the legal bases of universal law. All this was tested in realistic simulations.

The following days he began section 2 which include diplomatic communication, official presentations, and diplomatic strategies. This section was foreseen for the following 5 months.

Ever since the trip to Rkpoed my double had wondered about the military contingents that also disembarked at Rkpoed. Why were they there? He was told that there are some 150 earthlings on Rkpoed. Many of them were there on military assignments from Anglo-Saxon countries, apparently as part of a long-term establishment. He was wondering how that was possible, since there was no official treaty, nor any official diplomatic relation, between Rkpoed and Earth.

That became a discussion point in the diplomacy course. What seemed to have happened was the following. All this is seen from the Rkpoed perspective, as we understand.

Since the Second World War on Earth, the United States have sought to obtain an information monopoly about space exploration by obtaining Nazi documents during and after the war, by facilitating the immigration of former Nazi engineers, through the study of materials obtained from downed spacecraft, and from technology that was re-engineered from ET sources.

This engineering effort, performed essentially in secrecy, was impressive. It permitted the U.S. to establish bases on their moon and on Mars. Furthermore they built a set of tools to learn about superluminal travel and to explore traversable wormholes.

Finally they assembled a set of military support organizations, within more or less acknowledged treaties with the U.K., Canada and Australia. Israel was also invited, because of their contribution of important engineering efforts for space exploration.

This was the situation that the Galactic Federation encountered at the beginning of 2005. Given their space assets, the U.S.-led conglomerate put the Galactic Federation in front of an ultimatum: we are either admitted as full members to the G.F., or we shall oppose your interests as best as we can.

The Galactic Federation found themselves in a very difficult position, because the U.S. led team did not satisfy two of its fundamental principles. First, the U.S. conglomerate only represented about a third of the world's citizens. All other members have constituted a fair representation of the membership of all of their citizens. Second, the U.S. has during the last century not adhered to the basic principle of “All our relations are peaceful.” An admission to the Galactic Federation would be contrary to the fundamental principle of peaceful management of one's own territories worldwide, as well as of foreign territories if there are any.

There were massive and tense negotiations between various factions. Eventually the following agreement emerged. The two fundamental Galactic Federation principles would be maintained, and full membership was not yet possible.

At the same time, the positively formulated accords suggested that new situations might be created some day in the future, in order to assure a fair representation of the entire earth citizenship, as well as to establish peaceful cooperation everywhere on Earth.

Meanwhile in exchange of continued peaceful behaviour in space, the U.S.-led team would be permitted to install observation and trade posts with limited personnel in certain key galactic positions. One such key position would be on Rkpoed. These trade stations would be permitted to operate according to Galactic Federation principles.

It was under these conditions that the Anglo-Saxon military units were admitted to Rkpoed after 2005. Also recently, five Chinese delegations have been received on Rkpoed, but no permission for a stationary installation has yet been granted to the Chinese representatives. The potential decision would lie with the Rkpoed government, and would have to be ratified by the Galactic Federation.

A busy and possibly tense diplomatic situation has thus involved Rkpoed and its relation with its ancient homeland. And quite innocently, my double has landed in the midst of all this turmoil.