2021.03.16 – 3. The take-off and my reflections

I was there, at the concrete platform, but the capsule did not show up at 9h00, as planned.

I waited five, ten minutes and nothing happened. Then I called up into the capsule with a quantum request. I did not know if someone would answer.

But yes, someone “got online” and told me what was happening. Even though I live a good distance from the next major airport, the capsule's unannounced arrival in the wider airspace around the airport had been spotted by radar. Now they were making an avoidance manoeuvre to avoid giving away my exact location. That took some extra time.

In confirmation, I saw and heard a helicopter fly very low over a neighbouring valley a few hundred meters away.

I waited a few minutes more. One of our two dogs was with me, wishing to be caressed, as always.

But suddenly the dog took off in a great hurry, as if she had been chased. Then I felt a very light shiver over the back of my body, but I could not see anything visually. I understood, it was just my double that “they” were picking up, not me physically. My double was invisible to myself, although it can be visible for others.

Also, the capsule remained invisible to me. This was really unfortunate, because I would have loved to see it there, physically. Three minutes later, it was all over. They had my “Eric-Keller-Double” in their ET capsule, shooting off vertically into the sky. “The-Me-Physically” was left standing on the platform.

All that was fairly new to me. I had to think it over.

I went back inside. There had been: Jinkpee's invitation, the quantum call up to the capsule, the helicopter, the dog taking off in a great hurry and in apparent fear, the shivers on my back, the sense of a presence, and then the empty calm afterwards.

Was that all an illusion? Or was it real? Or was I in a systematic contact with a parallel reality? Or even a sophisticated story spun by a gang of evil-minded spirits?

I quantum-tested my theory by all the means at my disposal. I won't go into the details here because you can read them, bit by bit, in my Ascension volume1. But here is how I quantum-tested my thought events this time.

First, my thought events -- and many real events -- are potential in nature. They can be true or false, they could be future-but-not-yet-evident events, or their meaning could be correct or misinterpreted. So, I must remain flexible in my interpretation, because I could be very wrong.

Second, even if a whole string of events follows a singular logical interpretation, I must remain sceptical. Some unknown sources might string me along on a fabulous story, but it may only be their biased interpretation, not mine.

The third stage might arrive some day when I have visible and tactile evidence, plus evidence that these events are beneficial to my family and to the wider environment.

However at this point I was only at the beginning of my experience. Everything was still full of mystery and of unclear potentials.

Now it is nearly one year later, and a whole complete string of events has followed. I am now at the second set of verification. Things are evolving logically and systematically, and all the events appear to be beneficial to those that surround me. But I am still far away from visible and tactile evidence to verify the whole Rkpoed story.

So this is a crucial reason for why these are merely “Tales about an Imaginary Planet”. Perhaps these will some day turn into “Tales about a Real Planet far off in the Pleiades”.

In the meanwhile I hope that that you are having as much fun reading this as I am having telling you the story.


1 2.5. Interdimensional communication tools https://twelfthlevel.info/index.php/en/guide-to-ascension-4th-edition/guide-to-ascension-4th-edition-5-0-interdimensional-communication-tools