2021.03.13 – 2. Preparation for the first trip

The next morning he was back.

This time our meeting was entirely telepathic. He “knocked on the door” politely, that is, he touched me lightly on my left hand. I got a sense of his presence near me, and so we started chatting.

I told him that I had thought about his invitation and that I had communicated with my Higher Self1 about his proposed trip. All would go well, I was told. My double could go on the trip, if that's what I really wanted. The separation between me and my double did not matter, nor would it present any danger for my person, nor for my family. At the same time, my Higher Self did not let on that this was to be a decisive turn in my life.

I turned to my visitor. Who was this new acquaintance?

His behaviour of suddenly showing up next to me yesterday and visiting me this morning in telepathic form had been rather unusual. So I asked him if he was an extra-terrestrial. “Yes indeed”, came his answer rapidly and easily. Easy for him, big deal for me. It was the first time I was in contact with an extraterrestrial.

I couldn't catch his name, so got his name by letter spelling. It seemed rather weird to me. It came out to “J-i-q-p-q-j-k-k-p-i”. I went over this letter sequence once more with him and it was correct. How could I pronounce that? We finally agreed on “Jinkpee”.

Now, where would we be headed?

We got into a fairly long explanation of where he was from and what he was doing here. He was born in a far-off planet called “Rkpoed”, which is pronounced /rik-po-ed/, with “o”-”e” pronounced separately. Their planet is in the Pleiades formation.

On their planet they look very much like us. In fact you could not tell them apart from anybody else if you saw them on the street.

His work here on Earth remained a bit nebulous. I gathered that he was charged with various important interplanetary missions to dozens of different planets. His training had been in medicine, with a specialisation in DNA replication. Exactly why they chose me out of millions of others I found out only about a year later. Luckily it had nothing to do with “DNA replication”, much more so with his many diplomatic missions.

He told me that we would use a big oblong space transporter to go to Rkpoed. Ours would be more than 300 metres long, that is, more than three football fields long. Small two-seater levitation capsules would get us to the transporter. I had been a private pilot myself, so I asked him how high above the earth the transporter was hovering. In pilot training we learn that we need oxygen beyond 12000 feet (3658 m). However he did not wish to answer my question at all. I got the feeling that all precise navigational information was to remain secret. But in fact once I was up there in the spacecraft, we were well outside of the earth's atmosphere, and the earth appeared roundish below.

Then he described the trip to Rkpoed. Once we were beyond the solar system's orbit, we would accelerate to six times superluminal (faster than light) speed. At one point we would pass through a traversable wormhole. This was a routine procedure for them. The traversal only takes half a minute, and we would only feel a bit of extra fatigue during that time.

Altogether the trip to Rkpoed would take about eight hours.

Jinkpee explained exactly how “they” would pick me up. In our back yard we have a round concrete platform for a plastic swimming pool that is used in the summer. Now in late spring the platform is still empty. That is where I should expect to be picked up the morning of June 5th at 9h00.

He anticipated my last question: “don't worry about how to get dressed. You'll be given some Rkpoed clothes when you get to the transporter.”

And so I found myself one fresh morning at the round concrete block in our back yard, at 9 a.m., listening for a light hum that some people have described for ET craft.


1 He is called “Melkiades”. See https://twelfthlevel.info/index.php/en/guide-to-ascension-4th-edition/guide-to-ascension-4th-edition-1-0-guide-to-ascension#melkiades