2021.03.11 – 1. How it all began

I love to dream about places far and wide.

For example after a good day of work I often watch one or two videos about a distant site. Over the years I have visited so many fabulous places, in so many great places all over the globe, that I could practically become a tour guide, anywhere in the world.

But what happened next was totally new to me.

I was on a little errand close to home and I was jaunting along to the local store. Suddenly a well-dressed man, looking around 30, showed up next to me. He had seemingly come out of nowhere. I stopped and I looked at him. I had never seen him before. His demeanour was polite, not menacing, so I stopped to listen.

He said quickly, rapidly, but insistently, “do you want to go somewhere that you have never seen before, not in all your videos?”

Curiously, his lips had not moved while talking. I had received his question directly into my mind, by telepathy.

I was arrested on the spot and became a surprised question mark. What does this man know about me? I was not afraid, I was highly intrigued.

He looked at me intently. The following message came into me clearly. “Can you give your double the permission to visit another planet?” Yet more surprises. My double? Another planet?

I had had an extended chat with my wife a just few days ago. Do some of us have more than one identity? One to walk physically to the store, and another me, a double, to go on trips, just about anywhere?

This was very clear. He was inviting my mental double to go on a trip, not my physical self.

“Yes?”, I thought to myself. Me as my double? I understood. He was on my wave length. I knew how I was to travel.

He was looking at me.

“I never make decisions on the spot”, I thought to him. “Gotta give me a night to think about it.” He understood with a kind look. He receded. As politely as he had approached me, he was back out of my sight – in barely an instant.